How does a whaf machine work?

No one would have actually thought that they will be taking in food while they walk in a room and without having to eat it. You just need to inhale the various flavors to enjoy different varieties of food. Confused? Well, the first time I heard the same thing my reaction was the same as yours but when I carried out a research I found that this concept was actually true, thanks to the research carried out by Sir Edwards. The technique known as whaffing is a unique one wherein you inhale food rather than eating it. This is achieved through a machine of the name of Le Whaf which involves a complicated mechanism converting liquid food into vapors.

Just imagine, a restaurant where you do not have to sit on a chair-table to have your food, rather you just have to walk from one room to another and inhale flavors of your choice thus enjoy your meals! So instead of eating the food, you are breathing it in as per your choices, awesome! Just two machines are available across the globe; one is in Paris. Whaffing is applicable to food as well as drinks especially for whisky. All you have to do is to pour a required amount of alcohol (about 50 ml) into a well in base. For inhaling food items you require special food items that are in liquid form which can be then poured into the well.

INTERNAL WORKING – The process operating within the machine is quite complicated. Machine is filled with piezoelectric crystals that undergo rapid vibration once the machine is put on which in turn leads to production of waves. These waves act by creating alternate high & low pressure leading to bubble production which converts liquid into dry liquid droplets which are now ready to be inhaled. Thereby we see that the working of the whaf machine does not involve any substance that can cause any kind of side effect and so if given a chance to try this technique I will definitely go ahead with it.


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